CNC Bending

2021-11-23 Production Capacity

Numerical control bending processing advantages

CNC Bending is formed by laser or CNC Punching and other processed sheet materials through pressure and mold.The size and accuracy of bending are closely related to the type of material, thickness, coefficient, resilience and the use of the die.Our sheet metal factory undertake external processing, external CNC Bending processing, Jiangmen large sheet metal factory, Jiangmen Sheet metal factory, Jiangmen sheet metal processing including CNC bending processing, CNC bending machine imported from Japan, and Laser Cutting machine, CNC Punching machine, Laser Cutting processing.

Numerical control bending is different from ordinary bending

CNC bending machine and ordinary bending machine are made of stainless steel, ordinary steel plate and other plates.The difference is whether there is computer control and automatic feedback.The different results are: machining speed, machining precision and machining efficiency.

Numerical control bending principle

Plate bending is the process of changing the Angle of a plate or sheet.If bend the plate into V shape, U shape, etc.Generally speaking, sheet metal bending has two methods: one is mold bending, used for complex structure, small volume, large amount of processing of sheet metal structure;The other is bending with a bending machine, used for processing large or small size of the structure of the sheet metal structure.These two bending methods have their own principles, characteristics and applicability.

Production equipment

Trubend CNC Bending Machine

Using the Trubend 5130 automatic bending machine from Germany , combined with six-axis robot arm which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the working environment ,effective efficiency, product's quality and quality consistency at the same time .

Quantity:1 pc

· Pressure 100 tons

· Processing accuracy 0.1mm

·  Processing area 0.3mm- 10mm

· Maximum process length 3.2 m

CNC Bending Machine

Using GHBM CNC bending machine, can process thinkness 0.2 to 22.0 mm of variety of metal plates. Including iron, stainless steel, galvanized steel, electrolytic plate, aluminum steel and cold-rolled plate and so on. High precision , fast speed and safety.

Quantity:12 pc

· Pressure 100 tons

· Processing accuracy 0.1mm

· Maximum process length 3.2 m

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