General sheet metal processing necessary mechanical processing equipment

2023-01-30 Company News

Today, I will introduce the necessary machining equipment for sheet metal processing plants. As we all know, sheet metal processing is a very important link in mechanical processing, and the mechanical equipment owned by professional Sheet metal processing plant is an important indicator to measure its production capacity. Today, Hua Zhi sheet metal will share with you the necessary things for Sheet metal processing equipment.

The equipment required for a sheet metal processing plant is closely related to our sheet metal processing process. Basically, Laser Cutting machine, shearing machine, CNC punch, bending machine, riveting machine, drawing machine and so on are necessary. The following Hua Zhi sheet metal processing plant a brief introduction to the function of the equipment.

General sheet metal processing necessary mechanical equipment  Sheet Metal Fabrication technology 1

Laser Cutting machine belongs to punching equipment, can cut any shape of the plate, including straight lines, curves, holes and complex geometric figures. Plate shears are also a blanking device that is basically simple shape cutting. The punch can be widely used in electronics, communications, computers, furniture appliances, vehicles, hardware parts and so on. The processing of various metal sheet parts can also automatically complete a variety of complex passes and shallow deep drawing forming processing. The bending machine belongs to the molding equipment, such as laser or cutting plate three-dimensional molding. Riveting machine is to solve some sheet metal parts after bending can not be directly placed on the common slope type cast steel machinery for riveting equipment. The drawing machine has stainless steel polishing machine for large area surface processing, but also for product shape irregular, after welding texture repair, scratch repair, hand-painted drawing machine. Products have different uses, according to different environmental needs equipped with different products.

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